Central Account Management,
Password and Access Control

Product Overview
S4Software, Inc.
(DataLynx, Inc.)
Seamless Scalable Security Solutions
Secure4Access offers a set of programs designed to provide centralized account and password management, password synchronization, and access control for popular versions of UNIX. This solution from S4Software eases administration through consistent and centralized policy management across the enterprise thus strengthening security and reducing costs.
Password Management
  • Control password choices
  • Lifespan, and format rules
  • Force password changes
  • Inactivate on too many failed password entries

Increase security with stronger passwords and invalid login lockout.


Secure usage by time-of-day, day-of-week, servers and more

Access Control
  • Role-based options
  • Login type (console, telnet, ssh, ftp etc)
  • To/from host
  • Login time/day (day-of-week, time windows)
  • Amount of time allowed on system
  • Automatic session lock or logout



User-Friendly Central Account Management
  • GUI menu
  • Character-based menu
  • Command-line control
  • Non-interactive script options
  • Batch account creation
  • Multiple account update
  • Central reporting



Secure4Access provides additional layers of security over the standard UNIX environment by automatically trapping all user login attempts in order to enforce additional validation checks

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