Unix Auditing Made Easy

Product Overview
S4Software, Inc.
(DataLynx, Inc.)
Seamless Scalable Security Solutions
Secure4Audit provides a simple, easy-to-use interface to the built-in kernel auditing capabilities of the operating system, hiding the differences between Unix variants and allowing a standardized audit policy to be implemented. Secure4Audit eliminates the daunting task of reviewing unmanageable log files by allowing you to pick and choose what events need monitoring.
Audit Profiles

Without Secure4Audit, the administrator is forced to work from the command line searching through OS logs to find security breaches.


With the GUI menu, configuring audit profiles is as simple as specifying which events to monitor.
  • Define multiple audit policies for changing security concerns
  • Define when, how, and under what conditions information is required (failed events,successful events, etc.)


Item Filtering
  • On-demand reporting
  • Define sensitivity levels of when, how, and under what conditions detection is warranted
  • Prevention and detection of gratuitous behavior
  • Monitor, filter, store, and arhive pre-defined events
  • Event alarm notification (email, pager, phone etc.)


  • GUI Menu
  • Character-based menu
  • Command-line control
  • Automated archiving
  • Automated reporting


Let Secure4Audit help with the administration of centralized audit policy management across the enterprise