Addressing System Access

Product Overview
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Secure4Privilege is designed specifically to address system access. Layered management adds flexible and secure capabilities to Unix for control over local and distributed applications, programs and scripts. This reduces the risk of accidental or intentional damage by restricting the use of full root access to trusted users.
Root Access Management
  • Secure layered management control of local and distributed applications, programs and scripts
  • Detect unauthorized changes to executable files
User-Friendly Central Account Management
  • GUI menu
  • Character-based menu
  • Command-line control
  • Policy management from a central location
  • Role-based Access Controls (RBAC)
Comprehensive Reporting
  • Reporting of all security data enabling administrators to make security decisions based on information obtained from user and command activity
  • Generate reports of all inactivated commands
  • Reports detailing command profiles by security level
  • Runtime UID reports providing listings of all commands which have fields set to the specified UID


Control access type (e.g. local, network, ssh, 'r' commands and batch queues), time-of-day and day-of-week, etc.
Secure4Privilege helps ease the administration of policy management across the enterprise, ensuring root access and other sensitive information is not compromised.
Comprehensive audit trail of user activity, detailing the date and time of events associated with a particular user.

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