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EXTENSIVE AUDIT TRAIL-Standard Unix syslogs do not meet most state and government regulations, which require extensive logging and auditing capabilities for a secure environment. With Secure4Privilege:
  • Log all command execution attempts, including what, who, where, and when
  • Detect unauthorized changes to executable files
  • Run alarm scripts when a command is invoked outside of its parameters
  • Role-based Access Controls (RBAC)
perform specific functions
  • Partition system management responsibilities, effectively assigning each user an administrative privilege level to accommodate job responsibilities
  • Provide the ability to define command-use policies thus removing the need to reveal the rood password
NETWORK OPERATIONS- works with existing systems security and audit requirements of all major business sectors
  • No kernel or application changes required
  • Proactive alerts of specific events
  • Compliant with major business sectors:
    • Government: DOD
    • Healthcare: HIPAA
    • Financial: GLBA
  GRANULARITY OF CONTROL-Administrators can easily create and manage comprehensive policies to govern privilege assignment
  • Provide the ability to define an existing command-use policy use as a template when creating other command policies
  • Restrict specific Unix commands including su and r-commands
  • Establish maximum runtime restrictions
  • Define requirements for user authentication
  • Detect unauthorized changes to executable files
  • Restrict access based on privilege levels, username, host, access type, time-of-day and day-of-week, etc.
  • Compaq Tru64 UNIX 4 and newer
  • HP/UX form 10.00 and newer
  • IBM AIX 4 and newer
  • Linux 2.4 or 2.6 kernel
  • SGI IRIX 6.2 and newer
  • SUN SPARC Solaris 2.5 and newer
  • SUN x86 Solaris 2.5 and newer
  • DYNIX 4.X
  SECURITY REPORTING-Comprehensive central access to all security data
  • Make security decisions based on information obtained from user activity
  • Real-time monitoring via alerts or batch reports specific to your security requirements
  • Output reports in comma delimited format for more advanced reporting options
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