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UNIX and Linux system and kernel auditing from S4Software

System auditing varies widely between differing UNIX and Linux systems, most of which lack the tools needed for easy configuration and use. Secure4Audit (previously known as auditGUARD) is a simple and easy-to-use software package for configuring and controlling system auditing. By providing a mechanism with which system administrators can identify key targets and events and assign priorities, the Secure4Audit filtering option lets you decide exactly what you need to track on your systems, and the alerting function will then notify you when the selected events occur.

Secure4Audit's features include the following:

  • Easy-to-use menu and GUI programs with on-line, context sensitive help messages for system auditing and reporting
  • A command line interface with script files to perform any menu program function which can be run without operator intervention
  • Define multiple audit configurations and easily switch between them
  • Enables selection of specific audit events
  • Allows the sysadmin to specify event item lists in order to restrict auditing to given items of interest
  • Select priority levels for each audit event, and differentiate between failed and successful events
  • User specified alerting scripts to be run when a given event occurs
  • Consolidating audit information into a standard format for ease of cross-platform reporting
  • Archiving audit files to remote systems to consolidate and centralize audit data
  • Hide the differences between UNIX and Linux variants. Looks and acts the same way on all platforms

For more information:

Read the Secure4Audit technical whitepaper (PDF)...

Read the Secure4Audit product overview (PDF)...

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