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Secure4DM is designed to provide a seamless delivery of account and system management data whether in a single location with a complex environment or multiple geographically dispersed locations. Records are distributed via configurable queues on one or more hosts, and feature the ability to store and forward the messages should the target machine be unavailable. By using this methodology, Secure4DM removes performance bottlenecks, ensuring the timely delivery of data while being completely transparent.

Secure4DM features include the following:

  • Distribution of account profiles to remote host without effecting user performance
  • Insures updates reach all hosts on the network with real-time alarms if update failure is detected
  • Configure retry attempts based on site specific needs
  • Split update responsibilities
  • Handles retry attempts if a target host is down, ensuring data delivery
  • Transfer information is recorded in log files when the data transfer daemon completes a request or discards a request because the configured time period has been exhausted
  • Log information can be used for real-time alerts and data transfer status reports
  • Define failover distribution hosts, creating a highly redundant account distribution system

For more information:

Read the Secure4DM technical whitepaper (PDF)...

Read the Secure4DM product overview (PDF)...

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