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Today's world of security necessitates the adoption of a layered approach.
One of the significant conflicts faced by security officers and administrators is the requirement to protect the enterprise while retaining acceptable levels of productivity, and to do with it with seeminly inadequate resources. This is a difficult, but not impossible task. If the manual tasks involved in managing users and privileges, or monitoring and archiving audit data are becoming overwhelming, let the S4Security Suite help you to automate the processes.

S4Security Suite handles a wide range of security needs: Access Control, Identity Management, Privilege Management and Enterprise Auditing.
These solutions are available as either individual products, or as a fully integrated suite. The S4SecuritySuite can help you automate and enforce many security best-practices, such as separation of duties, role-based management and least privilege. Whether the organization is trying to block hackers from accessing the systems, monitoring and protecting against internal threats to intellectual property, or simply managing network usage, S4Security can help.

Meeting Government Standards and Federal Legislation

Whether you are in the commercial, financial, healthcare or government sectors, you must comply with the new, stringent security policies, and they essentially require that you implement some form of security software. In every sector of business there are designated authorities tasked with ensuring that the security regulations are met. The purpose of these regulatory authorities is to inspect and audit for security risks, and to determine what processes could be deemed a security liability. These inspections could result in fines, suspensions, or even loss of contracts if too many security infractions are found. Loss of staff positions, or permanent damage to the careers of security personnel are also possible repercussions. Ensuring the appropriate measures are put in place to detect, prevent and respond to malicious behavior will make a major difference in the outcome of these inspections.

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