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Our Commitment to You:

Your security is our business and we take it seriously.

  • Security is not only about great products, it is also about awareness, training, education, and constant innovation. We recognize and value the commitment each of our customers makes when purchasing our Multi-Layered Security Solutions.

We tailor each offering to ensure the maximum return on each invested dollar.

  • We partner with our customers, folding and blending their ideas and concerns with our own into each new product release to ensure that their investment is protected.

Our customers are multi-platformed and so are we.

  • Our security solutions cover the desktop, the midrange server, the network and the mainframe.

S4Software forms a partnership with each and every customer.

  • S4Software partners with many leading institutions such as SANS, NCSA and CSI to promote the issues that face us all in this age of technology. Also, S4Software partners with leading hardware vendors, many of whom have chosen to use S4Software products to fulfill their own security requirements.

The way we do business makes us different.

  • Expect to sign a nondisclosure agreement to protect you by covering the information that you share with us. You will receive a formal quotation which will clearly state the price of each item, credit terms and our company's guarantee of quality.
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