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S4Security Suite

The S4Security Suite three-tier approach allows you to improve the related issues of security and accountability by addressing many of the complex issues that are involved. The Suite includes three distinct and complimentary products, Secure4Audit, Secure4Privilege and Secure4Access. Each of these solutions is designed to address the intricate issues involving users, events, and privileges that occur within complex, heterogeneous environments.


Secure4Access(previously GUARDIAN) provides centralized account and ID management, enhanced access control, and password management and synchronization throughout a UNIX/Linux network.

  • Create an account one time on one host and specify which other hosts to create the account
  • Create and update Active Directory accounts with Secure4WinAgent
  • Control user password selection: how often a new password must be chosen and what form it must take
  • Control access to UNIX systems by access type, day, time, port, host, etc.
  • Log UNIX system access, including successes and failures
  • Inactivate account after multiple failed password entries
  • Update multiple accounts with a single command or mouse click
  • Automatically distribute accounts and synchronize passwords across all sized networks


Secure4Privilege (previously suGUARD) controls user access to UNIX programs and scripts.

  • Allow users to run commands as root or another ID without the need for the account password
  • Control command use by user, group, day and time, access type, or special privileges set in a user profile
  • Control arguments passed to a command
  • Set maximum run time allowed for a command
  • Log command use and more...


Secure4Audit (previously auditGUARD) provides a simple, interface to the built-in kernel auditing capability of the operating system. It provides a consistent view of system auditing hiding the differences between UNIX variants and allowing a standardized audit policy to be implemented.

  • Combine data from multiple UNIX operating systems in one clear, concise format
  • Specify which events to preserve system space and allow more efficient reporting.
  • Run real-time alert scripts for selected event successes, failures or both. Automatically archive data off-site on a secured machine
  • Follow audit trails using a single PID



Secure4DM working with Secure4Access takes responsibility for account and password distribution by transmitting account information and passwords in parallel, using multiple data transfer daemons.

  • Increase distribution performance by updating large number of hosts safely and securely
  • Reduce performance bottle necks and release the administrator or user from waiting for updates to complete
  • Allocate messages to specific queues by splitting update responsibilities between hosts/daemons
  • If any host fails to respond, the file transfer daemon retries at configurable intervals

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